Ilinden cocktail for our President

Buffet Table

The summer is at its peak. With that peak comes our greatest holiday Ilinden. This year we had a chance to give our best and prepare an Ilinden cocktail for our President. This holiday is as important to the state as it is to the religious bodies. It marks multiple attempts to create a country for the Macedonian people. The first such attempt was in 1903. It resulted with the first attempt at democracy on the Balkans. It was a state including equal rights for every citizen.

The little red Ficho

Krusevo Oldtimer Fico

A good friend of Hotel Montana visits us with one adorable little red car. When he comes driving this little old - new car, there is no guest around the hotel, who doesn't look to it. Many of our guests tried to rent it for a day, but since the owner has invested his soul into it, he doesn't even think about rental, for no price.