Free Parking

Krusevo was built in a time when cars could not be imagined, so people didn't need to leave much space for parking. When staying in Hotel Montana Palace, you get to be in Krusevo without experiencing the parking problem

Parking Map

Parking Map

Inside Street Parking
Outside Street Parking

When you stay in Hotel Montana Palace, you never have to worry about parking, even if you organize a group that is arriving by a bus. The street is used mostly by hotel guests and rarely for other purposes, so you can expect very little traffic. Cars and other vehicles are undisturbed. In cases of huge events when the street parking is overloaded, there is a playground nearby, that we use for parking. 

Part of the street parking is covered by our video surveillance and we are working towards covering the entire area of our street parking for peace of mind. Parking is completely and entirely free for our hotel guests. 

Winter conditions

During winter Krusevo is an area with heavy snows. Winter tires are mandatory for driving around. We make sure that your car can exit the street parking and take the road home. 

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