Free & Fast WiFi

Free & Fast WiFi Internet that you rarely find in even five star hotels. 

Lobby Wifi

We are aware that connectivity has risen to the top spot and became the single most important feature of a hotel. We took special care to address this problem and invested considerable resources into providing exceptional connectivity. We asked a local provider to connect Krusevo with an optical cable coming directly to our hotel. 

Every room is covered by a strong WiFi signal on every floor. Our complete link has capacity of 200 Mbit/s download and upload, which is more than enough even when the hotel is completely full. 

Business Events

We understand that serious business events require more stable connection, so we have installed a wired connection in our congress hall, which is a facility mostly used for live streaming. This wired connection has gigabit capacity and priority treatment by our network infrastructure. 

Our other smaller business facilities have AC WiFi, which is much more reliable and faster than the usual WiFi. 

Wired Ethernet Connection

Our congress hall has also wired Ethernet connection, as the events there often require live streaming. The speed that this connection can carry is 1 Gbit/s. We can also arrange that your traffic has priority on our network infrastructure, and if you need to, with prior security consultation, we can open a port on our router for any specific purpose for your event. 

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