Home Made Food

Enjoy some delicious traditional food, with ingredients bought from the local markets.

Traditional Krusevo Food

Traditional Krusevo Food

Macedonian Beans
Melted krusevo Cheese
Special Krusevo Chomlek

Our little town Krusevo has a long food tradition and even more people enjoying it. We have recipes going back through the centuries of unique food products available. 

The food we prepare in our hotel is prepared entirely in house, with ingredients bought at the local markets. We prioritize the quality of the ingredients over everything else. Buns, pies, bagels, many types of home made sweets, cakes, cooked foods, everything is prepared by our dedicated team of cooks. 

Our food presentation is similarly remarkable. Instead of the usual plates we use clay dishes that were used in the not so very recent history. They give the food a special taste. A table of couple of food items in clay dishes is going to get the attention of everybody, and all of your guests will remember that moment. 

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