Hotel Pub

A beautiful rustic pub in the middle of the hotel, with wonderful view. 
Hotel Pub in Krusevo
Summer Pub Terrace
Hotel Pub in Krusevo
Pub Table in Hotel
Children Playground
Hotel Pub in Krusevo
Hotel Pub in Krusevo

Hotel Montana Palace features a wonderful pub, with magical view. The interior is designed in rustic style, featuring dark wood. It features a fire place for winter periods and a children playground in a boxed area so that you can enjoy your stay while your children are in a safe place. 

This pub is a place where you can have drinks and food. Only during periods of heavy season we limit the food service in our restaurant, but we try to do it as little as possible. 

Rental of Our Hotel Pub

Every area of the hotel is there to be of service to our guests, and the pub has seen many different uses through the years.

If you are a group of people coming to our hotel, we can organize various parties in our pub for your group. In the past we have organized, Karaoke, DJ parties, live music parties etc... We can also arrange the rental of audio and video equipment for specialized party needs. In the past we have also helped with party themes and special cocktail drinks. The pub has an important time limit, no party can go beyond 01:00 in the morning. 

In the past we have rearranged the pub area for various presentation of food and other products. Table setting is not fixed, and if organized properly we are prepared to arrange the entire area any way you need it. We can also help with light arrangements and other audio - visual effects. 

If you simply want a warm area to conduct your discussion or debate, there is no better place than our pub. We can organize the setting the way you want it, and we can also help with audio - visual equipment to help your event.