Filip Risteski

Filip Risteski

I work for Hotel Montana Palace from 2011, at first I was in charge of finance, sales and marketing, and as the business started to grow I was slowly loaded with the rest of the organizational responsibilities. Since IT is my strong side I also started to build IT capacities to enable a healthy growth of the business. 

Macedonian Dance Seminar - 10 days

Coreograph Sashko Atanasov

We offer the perfect opportunity for you to experience the Macedonian spirit through Macedonian Dance Seminar. Macedonian music and singing are the first thing that comes to mind to anybody that knows something about Macedonia, our spirit, traditions and culture. 

Period for this seminar 24.07.2019 - 03.08.2019

Deadline for application: 05.05.2019

Belgrade Tourism Fair 2019

Belgrade Fair 2019

We are proud to announce our first International marketing efforts. We decided to be present on the Belgrade Tourism Fair 2019 in Serbia. We are part of the Macedonian quarter. We are together with many of our colleagues presenting the potential of Macedonia and Krusevo.

This fair lasts from 21.02.2019 until 24.02.2019. Each year it sees thousands visitors looking for places for holidays, fun and business.

Knowledge Project


We at Hotel Montana are aware that knowledge is the single most important thing. We spend at least half of our lives to gather as much as possible. It is never enough. We in Hotel Montana decided to launch this project during 2019, to help the region. 

Why do we want to help the region? Wee see it as a place where we put the seeds of knowledge. This way we, as a hotel Montana, and every other economic operator in the region will be able to reap the product of this seed. This will make all of us much stronger in the near future, as we go one step forward into this world.  

Small Meeting Room

Small Meeting Room

This sweet and small meeting room is designed for your smaller groups. It is right next to our restaurant, which is the main benefit of using this room. If you have a very tight schedule you can get all the food and drinks for a coffee break or a meal break inside your meeting room. If seating doesn't allow we can arrange coffee and other drinks to be placed on a separate table that will not interfere with the event. 

Paragliding and hang gliding in Krusevo 2018

Hang Glider over Krusevo 2018

The summer 2018 is close to an end. We had the pleasure to work with paragliding and hang gliding pilots from every corner of the world. Krusevo is now a bright spot on the world map for both of these sports. This is the result of a tough and honest work through many years in the past couple of years. Credit goes to the entire team of Hotel Montana, the event organizers and the municipality officials. 

Racing Reboot Krusevo 2018

Racing Spoiler

Racing has returned to Krusevo. This year 2018 it is the year of the reboot of this event. The race is going to last for two days, happening on the curvy road from Krusevo, to Demir Hisar

This race is coming back to Krusevo after a break of 10 years. The main race is going to be held on 05.08.2018 at 11:00. The HQ is located at a parking very close to our Hotel Montana, supporting the race in any possible way.