Wedding in Krusevo

Want to be creative with your wedding? Take the event to Krusevo!

  • Wedding Decoration
  • Wedding Setup in Restaurant
  • Wedding Setup in Restaurant
Hotel Montana Acommodation

Your stay will be arranged in one of our beautiful rooms, featuring a breathtaking view over Krusevo. We can comfortably accommodate up to 150 of your guests.

Traditional Celebration Menu

You will enjoy our traditional menu choice for your most important day. 

Wedding Cake

We have a specialist in our kitchen who can prepare a cake according to your imagination and specification. 

Do you want something different for your wedding? How about a different location?

Consider spending your most important day in the magical Krusevo. We have everything you might need for such a wedding. We have enough beds, enough seats in our restaurant and on our summer terrace, and also we have an optional disco where you can take your party further. 


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The price given includes the following services / items:

  • Accommodation in double room - single room has an additional surcharge
  • Wedding menu 

The given price does not include the following services / items:

  • Wedding cake - an offer will be made after a specification is given