Macedonian Dance Seminar - 10 days

When I dance I forget everything else and just feel completely happy

  • Coreograph Sashko Atanasov
  • Macedonian Dance Monument
  • Macedonian Dance
Hotel Room in Krusevo
Accommodation in Hotel Montana

Your stay will be arranged in one of our beautiful rooms, featuring a breathtaking view over Krusevo.

Macedonian Tambura
Learning Folk Instruments

Our seminar includes the possibility to learn one of our magical folk instruments, such as: "Gajda", "Kaval", "Tambura", "Tapan", "Klarinet", "Saksofon". 


Organised Tours - included in price

One day tour to Bitola, and one day tour to Ohrid are included in the price. These tours also include lunch on the destination. 

Traditional Food
Full Board Traditional Buffet Included

Throughout your stay we will develop your food senses with three meals on our traditional buffet with various choices every day.

Period for this seminar 24.07.2018 - 03.08.2018

Instructor: Sashko Anastasov - choreograph from Macedonia, together with Orchestra of the FE "Vila Zora" from Veles with Filip Arilon and Stojan Stojanov. 

Daily timetable

Activity Timing
Dancing classes 10:00 to 12:00
Folk Singing 16:00 to 17:00
Dancing Classes 17:00 to 19:00
Live Traditional Music Evenings

Timing of folk instruments will be defined according to the number of participants and instruments. Depending on the number and readiness of dancing participants, we may organize two levels of dancing classes: beginner and advanced.

More details on pricing

Full Package Prices Price
Dancing & Singing OR Instrument & singing 690,00€
Dancing, Singing & Instrument 770,00€
Surcharge for single room 100,00€
Non dancing members 490,00€
Daily Prices Price
Dancing & Singing OR Instrument & singing 80,00€
Dancing, Singing & Instrument 90,00€
Surcharge for single room 10,00€

Since this seminar is conducted during the manifestation Krusevo - Ethno Town, you will perform in the town and show what you learn in front of the locals. 


Product Groups

This price includes the following services and items:

  • Accommodation
  • Three meals per day: breakfast, lunch & dinner, all of them traditional buffet
  • Non-alcoholic drinks placed on the buffet
  • Two daily guided tours throughout your stay with lunch at the destination
  • All taxes

The following services and items are not included in the price:

  • Travel arrangements
  • Travel insurance
  • Entrance into museums and/or other attractions
  • Other voluntary activities offered at the destination throughout your stay

Please take care to meet the following requirements, otherwise we reserve the right to deny you service:

  • You must have a valid ID with you
  • You must be 18 or older
  • You must posses a valid travel insurance