Package 11 October 2018 - extended weekend

Enjoy the extended 11 October weekend in Krusevo. 

  • Double room in Hotel Montana Krusevo
  • Family studio in Hotel Montana Krusevo
  • Traditional food in Hotel Montana Krusevo
11 October fireworks Prilep
Fireworks in Prilep

You can witness the traditional fireworks every 10 October in the nearby town of Prilep. It celebrates the holiday as one of the first places to rise against the Nazi occupiers.

Macedonian Ajvar
Autumn traditional food

Autumn brings us one of our favorite foods, Macedonian Ajvar. Enjoy this delicacy part of the breakfast buffet in our hotel. 

Mountains in autumn
Some fresh autumn colors

Krusevo is surrounded by pine and beech forest which changes its colors daily in autumn. Use the opportunity to walk through the surrounding forests. 

Our national holiday held on the 11 October every year is on the horizon. It is a free day and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the mountains through an extended weekend. This year, 2018, this holiday falls in Thursday. If you take Friday off you can combine it for a quick recharge of your batteries for our Package 11 October 2018. 

11 October 1941 was the day when Macedonia had enough from the Nazi occupiers and decided to rise up. That initiated the fight against fascism in Macedonia. Through it's armed fight Macedonia never became a fascist territory, but, it was always a hot area for the occupier, by giving it's contribution to the global fight against fascism. 

Package 11 October 2018

We decided to create a special promotional package 11 October 2018 for this holiday and give you the possibility to enjoy our hotel and the little town of Krusevo for a special price.

Package is created to include 4 overnights in total. Check-in in Hotel Montana will be on 10.10.2018, while check-out will be on 14.10.2018. For less overnights discounts do not apply. 

We can offer to you our services for the following prices:

Room type Service Regular Price Promo Price
Double Room BB* 190,00 € 142,00 €
Double Room HB** 237,00 € 179,00 €
Single Room BB* 122,00 € 90,00 €
Single Room HB** 145,00 € 115,00 €
Triple Room BB* 251,00 € 202,00 €
Triple Room HB** 322,00 € 269,00 €
Family studio - two bedrooms BB* 316,00 € 257,00 €***
Family studio - two bedrooms HB** 410,60 € 340,00 €***

*BB means bed & breakfast. This type of service gives you the ability to enjoy our buffet breakfast every morning.

**HB means half board. This package 11 October 2018 includes a traditional buffet breakfast an dinner. You service starts with dinner on the day of arrival and ends with breakfast on the day of leaving the hotel. 

***Discounts are applicable in case one or two children are bellow 12 years old. Call us for more details on children discounts. 

The given prices are total prices including all taxes. You will not be asked to pay any additional tax during your stay. 

For stay shorter than the 4 overnights that are part of this package you will be paying the regular prices. There are no discounts. If you want a longer stay you will be paying the regular prices for those dates that are outside this package and the price of the package. 

Tandem flight as a nice addition to our Package 11 October 2018

Autumn is still a very good time to add some adrenaline and enjoy a tandem paragliding flight over a colorful mountain. Call us for an offer on a tandem flight. 

Product Groups
starting from 90 €
  • 4 overnights in one of our beautiful rooms
  • Buffet breakfast - included in every package
  • Coffee and juice during breakfast
  • Buffet dinner - only packages that have HB service
  • All taxes
  • Trip to Hotel Montana
  • Other refreshment drinks
  • Other restaurant services or room service
  • Tandem paragliding flight, if you choose to do it.

You must fulfill the following criteria. Otherwise we reserve the right to deny you service:

  • You have to have a valid ID document with you
  • You have to be more than 18 years old