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Pub Summer Terrace

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Welcome to our new web page. We designed it so that it best reflects our hotel and our efforts for offering you a pleasant experience in our Hotel Montana. 

We understand that online presence is key to success, so that is why we invested a lot of efforts and resources to build this attractive web page. On this web page you should be able to find all the usual content, like photos of our rooms, public areas, some food photos etc. Apart from static content you will also find our booking form, where you can search for available rooms according to your preferences and if you choose so you can book directly with us. 

Our web page is designed with the intention to provide excellent viewing experience on every device. This ability is called responsive design in the web development world. Our statistics show that more than 50% of our visitors of our old web page see it through some mobile device, so we decided to invest more and make it appealing on any type of device. 

Another feature of our web page is the product orientation. From time to time there will be new products in the form of packaged deals that provide greater value to our potential guests. 

We will also be regularly publishing articles about events happening in and around our hotel so that you can follow the development of our organization within time. We might sometimes publish something about some event, of course with the consent of the organizer, sometimes maybe a new recipe comes to us, or a new development in our environment.

So stay tuned.