New Year 2020 Packages

Cold weather and Warm Hearts

Come and relax in our hotel to have a sparkling New Year 

Hotel Montana in Winter
Cresovo Topce Band
Cresovo Topce Band

Cresovo Topce is a famous regional band featuring a lot of folklore instruments. Their ability create a fun traditional party is unmatched. You can expect a great party for the New Year. 

Hotel Room

You will be accommodated in our warm rooms with beautiful view. You can expect rooms to be preheated. 

Traditional buffet meal
Traditional Food

You will love your stay with our traditional buffet meals. You can expect a rich buffet table with many traditional choices.

Children Playground in Hotel Montana
Children Playground

If you bring your little children we have a place that will make them happy. The children playground is part of our pub. 

The New Year 2020 is at our doorstep. As always we like to step in it with happy thoughts. It is a great moment to worm your heart and relax with your love once. There is no better place than Hotel Montana, your home away from home 

We invite you to enjoy this small and sweet break with a great party. We will make sure that you have a warm welcome with delicious food and warm rooms. This time the New Year Eve is on Tuesday so we decided to give you a lot more choice with the packages. 

Check the list bellow to see what is included and what is not included in the price. 

No. of Overnights Check-in Date Range Price Double Room
3 30.12 until 02.01.2020 268,00 €
4 30.12 until 03.01.2020 322,00 €
5 30.12 until 04.01.2020 385,00 €
6 30.12 until 05.01.2020 450,00 €
7 29.12 until 05.01.2020 489,00 €
8 28.12 until 05.01.2020 549,00 €
27.12 until 04.01.2020 599,00 €

If you want pricing for other types of room please check out our table with detailed pricing. This table also includes children discounts. If you are a pair with three children, please check with our front desk about accommodation options with our front desk. 

Detailed Pricing TableCall us

Other important information about New Year 2020 packages

  • If you want to stay for the New Year eve you have to purchase one of our packages. Stay shorter than 3 overnights is not sold. 
  • The second party will be on 01.01.2020, with a menu and a selection of unlimited drinks. Party will be with Cresovo Topce.

Menu for the New Year 2020 party

  • Season Salad
  • Cold starter: cream salad, urnebes,  rolled cheese with bacon,hors d'oeuvre
  • Hot starter: breaded cheese sticks, breaded potato croquettes, breaded piroshka , tartar sauce
  • Main Dish: pork medallion, smoked beef in sauce, chicken with bacon in curry sauce 
  • Garnish: small cobs, fresh baked mushrooms, baked carrot
  • Dessert: Chocolate cake
  • Appetizers 

Menu for the second party

  • Fresh Season Salad
  • Cold starter: hors d'oeuvre
  • Main Dish: Pork - slow cooked in sauce, chicken steak
  • Garnish: Baked potato, rice, vegetable mix
  • Dessert: Chocolate cake
  • Appetizers 

Guided Daily Tours

On 31.12.2019 and 02.01.2020 we are organizing daily tours through the town of Krusevo with a guide. This tour should last about 3 hours, but depending on the weather conditions and group, it may be shorter or longer. The focus will be culture, history and religion and you will be visiting landmarks such as the Makedonium, the museum of Toshe Proeski, the gallery of Nikola Martinovski and others depending on the group size and the work schedule. 

The group will gather at 11:00 in the lobby area and start the tour from there. This will be a walking tour and all of the landmarks are within walking distance. Please be aware that walking is often uphill or downhill. There will be no fee for taking part in the group, you will be eligible to cover the cost for entrance at the museums and other landmarks. 

Warm clothes and winter boots are recommended.

New Year 2020 Party and Second Party without overnights

It is possible to book only entrance for one of the parties without booking a room. This way many people who live in bigger cities or other countries, but still have houses in Krusevo, can enjoy the New Year through a great party. 

Party Price
New Year 2019 Party 27 €
Second Party 20 €

These prices include only entrance to the party, with the specially prepared menu and the selection of unlimited drinks.


Please notice the following requirements for using our services:

  • Payment must concluded upfront 100% of the total, after which we will issue a voucher for the paid services. Once you book a room with our front desk, you must fulfill the payment within 3 (three) working days. If you fail to do so the reservation will be cancelled. For payment information please contact our front desk
  • Every adult person must identify with a personal document, a valid ID or passport, at our front desk. We reserve the right to deny the services if you fail to do so
  • If you book for your children you must provide correct birth date so that we can calculate the correct pricing. Children are admitted to our hotel only with a parent or a legal guardian. We reserve the right to ask for additional documents upon check-in.
Product Groups
From 268,00 €
  • Half Board (breakfast & dinner) on a buffet table. Exception are the party nights where special menu is created.
  • New Year Eve party with special menu and unlimited quantities of a selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks
  • Second party with special menu and unlimited quantities of a selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks
  • Accommodation
  • All taxes
  • Unlimited quantities of a selection of non-alcoholic drinks during the rest of the meals
  • Children playground in case you have small children
  • Travel arrangements to our hotel
  • Daily tours through Krusevo
  • Lunch
  • Other restaurant services
  • Drinks that are not part of the selection
  • Drinks that are part of the selection, if not consumed during a party or a meal

Non alcoholic drinks

  • Coca Cola, Fanta, Pepsi, 7up, Schweppes.... only 1 l. bottles
  • Sparkling & non-sparkling water 1,5l. bottles
  • Juice

Alcoholic drinks

  • Beers: Skopsko & Zlaten Dab
  • Wines: Tikvesh winery 1l. bottle only
  • Aperitifs: brandy, cognac, mastic, ouzo, vodka, gin

All other drinks, or the above mentioned drinks in other bottle types will be additionally charged.