Hotel Montana Palace

Ul. Pitu Guli, bb,

7550 Krusevo, Macedonia

Phone: +389 (0)48 477-121

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Night view over Krusevo from Hotel Montana Palace rooms!

From the moment you enter the hotel, until the moment you enter you room a stunning view of the town of Krusevo is following you. You will have the privilege to constantly look at the most beautiful mountain town.

The Mijaks who built the town in 18th century, were the best builders in the Balkans, and both groups had a very sophisticated sense of aesthetics, so they created the wonderful Krushevo we have today, the town you will be looking at from the first moment you step in Hotel Montana Palace.

Stunning views Team building

You are looking at the best location for team building activities. We have experts to build your team, equipment for the tasks and lots open spaces for team games.

Nature surrounding is additional bonus as the team will have the chance to perform and build in nature. The town history and the nature constantly provide excellent challenges for every team.

Welcome to the conferencing palace. We have all the capacities you need for any group or any combination of groups.

The biggest conference facility that you can find in Macedonia is actually in Hotel Montana Palace, on the photo above. It has 366 seats, huge screen, built in translation cabinets and everything that you need.  

Team Building in Hotel Montana Palace in Krusevo Macedonia Conference hall in Hotel Montana Palace Krusevo Macedonia conferences


  1.  77 Rooms Total
  2.  Restaurant & Pub
  3.  Conferencing Facilities
  4.  Renovated Hotel